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Bookmark - Taniko Kowhaiwhai

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Crafted from recycled NZ Rimu timber, this bookmark merges modern techniques with aesthetics inspired by classic traditional M?ori artforms of taniko and T? Moko. The result is a piece that is both contemporary and nostalgic, exuding authenticity.

T?niko is a traditional M?ori weaving technique, notable for its intricate geometric patterns. Used primarily for decorative borders on garments like cloaks (kakahu),
T?niko holds significant cultural importance within M?ori culture

Proudly made in Aotearoa, NZ. 

DIMENSIONS: 260 mm x 35 mm
MATERIAL: Recycled Rimu Timber, Laser Engraved, Paua shell inlay eyes.
CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Treat with care, do not bend!

NOTE: Due to the natural make up of this product, differences in colour and characteristics from that shown in the product should be expected.