Where pretty and pattern meet! Petrina Jose is a self taught artist based in a coastal town an hours drive north of Auckland where she lives with her husband and two young children. A graphic designer by trade, she was instinctively inspired to start painting around the birth of her second child. But it wasn't until a couple of years later, she finally picked up a paintbrush and has been obsessed ever since. She paints in her home based studio mostly in the evenings and says this is the best time to really get into a beautiful flow state of mind. Her recent still life work features a range of florals always teamed with a strong use of pattern, checks or stripes with a very unique and strong graphic composition style. She also paints abstract pieces and enjoys intuitively working between the two. Coming up with the most interesting and aesthetically pleasing colour combinations is Petrina's favourite part about painting, "I could literally mix and create new colours all day". Her palette consists of gorgeous pastels always teamed with a deep tan or chartreuse, and recently some lovely neon pastel peach tones with powder blues.

You can find more of Petrina's work on her website or on Instragram @petrina.j_art

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