Founded & designed by Lindi Kingi, Queen of the Foxes is the ultimate destination for women seeking stylish, versatile jewellery and accessories.

Lindi is of Ngāpuhi decent and grew up in Whakatane on the East Coast. She has three daughters of whom she is immensely proud and a wonderfully patient husband who is still waiting for her to grow up.

From sophisticated daywear to evening glamour, through changing styles and getting older, the brand offers a seamless transition that celebrates the timeless beauty of every woman.

As women evolve and their personal style matures, this collection gracefully adapts to their needs. Queen of the Foxes understands the importance of embracing your individuality and offer a curated selection that allows you to express yourself effortlessly, exuding confidence at every stage of life.

Step into our world, where accessories are an opportunity for self-expression and where elegance with a hint of bohemian allure reigns supreme. With Queen of the Foxes, you can trust that your style will always be elevated, empowering you to embrace the beauty that lies within.

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