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Bookmark - Wheku

SKU RA-S-001

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Crafted from recycled NZ Rimu timber, this bookmark merges modern techniques with aesthetics inspired by classic traditional M?ori artforms, such as kowhaiwhai and whakairo (wood carving). The result is a piece that is both contemporary and nostalgic, exuding authenticity.

The standout feature is the Wheku, highlighted by its captivating p?ua shell eyes. Held in high regard as a guardian, the Wheku adorns the peak of traditional ancestral houses, watching over those whose lineage and heritage are deeply connected to that sacred meeting place.

Proudly made in Aotearoa, NZ. 

DIMENSIONS: 260 mm x 35 mm
MATERIAL: Recycled Rimu Timber, Laser Engraved, Paua shell inlay eyes.
CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Treat with care, do not bend!

NOTE: Due to the natural make up of this product, differences in colour and characteristics from that shown in the product should be expected.