Revolution Aotearoa

Pendant - Toki


For aeons M?ori have long relied on the Toki, a traditional adze tool, usually fashioned from stone such as onewa or pounamu. Beyond its practical use, the Toki was a symbol of MANA, power, authority, and good character.

This contemporary piece blends traditional M?ori aesthetics with contemporary design. The result is something that feels both modern and deeply rooted in tradition, exuding authenticity and cultural significance.

Featured is an engraved design inspired by the classic puhoro pattern which stems from the M?ori's deep bond with water and navigation. When a hoe (paddle) hits the water, ripples and waves form, trailing behind the moving canoe (waka). This fluid movement reflects the Puhoro pattern. Just as the paddle propels the canoe, the Puhoro symbolizes life's momentum, journey, and continual movement.

Proudly made in Aotearoa, NZ. 

DIMENSIONS: 74 mm x 30 mm x 9 mm
MATERIAL: Black Maire Timber