Revolution Aotearoa

Statement Necklace - Kotahitanga


Crafted from quality leather, this statement neckpiece emanates nostalgic charm. It showcases an interwoven puhoro design symbolizing unity, connection, and the significance of family and whakapapa (genealogy). Drawing inspiration from the traditional p?horo patterns seen on waka (canoes) and M?ori meeting houses, as well as the intricate designs of Ta Moko, the piece blends classic M?ori flair with contemporary aesthetics. The result is a fusion of the modern and the timeless, radiating authenticity and deep cultural significance.

The Puhoro design's origins lie in the profound connection of M?ori to water and navigation. When a hoe (paddle) strikes the water, it creates ripples and swirls that trail behind the advancing canoe (waka). This dynamic movement reflects the Puhoro pattern. Much as the paddle drives the canoe forward, the Puhoro embodies life's momentum and the essence of journey and continuous motion.

Proudly made in Aotearoa, NZ. 

DIMENSIONS LARGE: 278 mm x 170 mm x 2 mm
MATERIAL: Genuine Leather