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Junction Magazine Cover
We're so grateful that Tikitibu and our NEW brand One Hour North has been featured in this months Junction Magazine - a local publication that covers the beautiful region from Puhoi to Waipu.

Not only that, we made the cover!!!! WOOHOOO
With these beautiful lifestyle images of our One Hour North Beach Towels and Sarongs. Artist Jen Sievers features on the cover with local artist Petrina Jose also featuring throughout this edition.

Learn more about Anneliese and the Tikitibu Story below and check out the full collection of our One Hour North product online now. 


Empowering Artistic Entrepreneurs

Tikitibu has been working with New Zealand artisans since 2011, connecting their diverse base of reputable retailers with New Zealand creatives. Their small but very dedicated team, based in the Matakana region, is passionate about supporting, growing and developing the creative Sector.

Words Paula Harrinton

A qualified marine scientist and dive instructor is the last person you’d expect to see behind Tikitibu, however, when you meet Anneliese Jozefek, the visionary behind the brand, you quickly understand that’s exactly why the business has gone from strength to strength - she’s anything but ordinary!

You only have to read a client testimonial to see how impactful she is: "Anneliese is to an artist what Dr Dre is to Eminem - she takes our raw talent and challenges us to crank it up. Her gift of asking the perfect question to bring clarity to a pinging creative brain has helped me focus on the pearls hidden underneath the waves."

This is a story of passion, perseverance, and the harmonious blend of artistry and entrepreneurship. At school Anneliese says her teachers didn’t know what to do with her, she never fit into a box. Throughout her life, living in different countries and holding a variety of roles, it was her self awareness and lessons learnt that armed her with the driving force to build a business like no other.

A serendipitous moment of facing unemployment after the birth of her son Finlay, Anneliese decided it was time to create her own opportunities to experience the freedom and joy she craved. With little more than a passion for art and no concrete plan, she embarked on a creative journey crafting wooden gift tags that featured the works of New Zealand artists. Within months she launched her range of products at gift fairs, securing partnerships with 60 retailers in three days! Like most other things in her life Anneliese took it all in her stride, quickly learning the ins and outs of business ownership.

After the arrival of her daughter Frankie she knew moving north to Point Wells would offer prospects to grow the business and, more importantly, live in a community that enabled the family to find more balance. It was then that she saw the gap for a unique approach to supporting creative minds; resulting in a shift of focus towards distributing creative brands and helping artists and a growing community of talented creatives transform their artwork into unique merchandise and products.

In 2019 her husband Richard joined the business. It’s this partnership that has further strengthened the team, cemented the culture and brought fresh perspectives. And, perhaps more importantly it’s given Annelise the space and freedom to play to her strengths and seek out growth both at home and beyond the New Zealand market.

Her dedication to guiding artists in navigating the complex world of business, bridging the gap between their artistic vision and commercial success, is unquestionable. It was therefore a natural progression for Anneliese to provide more avenues for creatives to succeed by offering support through coaching and teaching; empowering them with the tools to navigate the business landscape effectively.

Anneliese's captivating presence is underscored by her remarkable humility, while her ongoing journey, poised for both local and international expansion this year, continues to inspire. Her and Richard’s latest venture, One Hour North, is a lifestyle brand that collaborates with talented artists to produce playful, contemporary, and fashion-forward products that are not only stylish but built to last; and serves as further testament to their commitment to supporting artists from both New Zealand and overseas.

Today, Tikitibu boasts a portfolio of over 20 brands, all developed and distributed by Anneliese, Richard and their dedicated team. Their presence can be felt in over 600 stores across the country, with strong partnerships formed at a number of local establishments including Matakana Village Books, Unity, Summer Sessions, Matakana Pharmacy, Caravan Clothing, Caro with Love, Green with Envy, Tina’s Stationary, Kaiwaka Gifts & Wellness, Nomad and Home.

You can see the full article in the Junction Magazine HERE