Podcast - MAP IT Marketing with Rachel Klaver

Podcast - MAP IT Marketing with Rachel Klaver

Episode 96 - When You Are Ready Grow Beyond Markets and Selling Direct - with Anneliese from Tikitibu

For makers and creatives, there's a huge shift that needs to be made when we start to commercialise our art and creations. It’s one thing to create an original, prepare things in small batches.

It’s another thing entirely to think about how you could take what you’ve invested, designed, made and turn it into something that could be mass produced and distributed beyond a market stall.

Anneliese Jozefek owns Tikitibu, a distribution company with a difference - she’s not just a distributor but a coach, strategist and advisor for small business owners who are makers. She’s got an initiate sense of what will or won’t work in the marketplace, knows what you might need to give up to get your products in stores and what you can gain in replacement.

If you’ve ever wondered what you need to know about going big, and scaling up your business as a maker, then this episode is for you.

Anneliese cares for her clients with a passion, wanting them to grow and succeed. Her advice is hard won, hard learned and intensely practical. Her advice is well worth a listen. She offers consulting on creative development, product development and manufacturing and is also open for submission for product distribution.

In this episode we cover:

  • The TIKITIBU story and how they are different from most distributors
  • What you need to be ready for when looking at business growth as a maker
  • How to look at your products in a new and more marketable way
  • The common barriers to growth as a maker
  • The benefits from productising your creations


If you want to book a consulting session with Anneliese you can contact her via anneliese@tikitibu.com