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Consulting for Creatives

Consulting for Creatives

Tikitibu has helped many artists with mastering their supply chains so they can consistently manufacture products to fill the retail shelves at good price points. Anneliese’s expertise at mentoring emerging artists has led to a successful consulting business. She has done the hard yards, made the mistakes and learnt what works best. Now she passes this knowledge onto other emerging artists to ensure they have the best chance of success.
Tikitibu represents artists to an extensive database of retailers. Tikitibu artists experience a hassle free distribution model, leaving them free to be artists and create more beautiful products to sell.
Artists can engage in a one-on-one consultation or workshop with Anneliese to define a clear pathway for their creative business. These sessions dive deeply and help artists articulate what they want to achieve and how best to go about it. In these sessions, artists are given valuable advice about building their creative business. Whether you’re a hobby artist, or already selling your work to retail, Anneleise can tailor a programme to your specific needs, and expertly guide you to achieve your goals.

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