Tikitibu can help you grow your creative business!

We have a fantastic distribution network of New Zealand’s leading retail stores. But first - you need to know how to expertly package and offer your work so it has every chance of success.

There is so much to learn when you try to scale a creative business and we can share all our hard earned knowledge with you via Tikitibu’s mentoring, consulting and incubator services.

Tikitibu works with creatives across multiple facets, choose the way that works best for you and your stage of growth.




Work with us to get your brand marketed and distributed and witness outstanding results. 

We select the right products for the right markets, and we manage the whole process from range review and product selection, through importation, warehousing and distribution, to brand management and promotion on the ground in NZ and Australia.

New Zealand

Tikitibu has been delivering exceptional results to our clients since 2011, with one conveniently located distribution centre in Warkworth. We’re privileged to have developed a strong base of reputable retailers marketing our brands nationwide.

Through high quality, global product sourcing and a route to market through more than 1600 Retail Store across New Zealand, you can ensure success for your brand.


We’re privileged to be developing a strong base of reputable retailers and distributors, and we are loving the challenge of growing our operations across this great country.