Koakoa Design

Earrings - Ko Au


The Ko Au earrings tell a story of connection.
The design reflects the everlasting ties of whakapapa – from ?tua, through maunga, moana, to t?puna and uri.
‘I’ (ko au) am interwoven into this fabric of identity. I am never isolated, even when I am unknowing.

Ko Au.
The story of connection, of anti-disconnection.

The design represents the link between ?tua, the natural elements reflected in our pepeha - here in the form of maunga and moana - as well as t?puna and uri.

Ko Au - it's me. I exist within a broader, deeper set of relationships.  I do not exist in isolation.

Connection brings blessings and gifts and privilege.  It also brings responsibilities and obligations of whanaungatanga, manaakitanga, aroha.

Road trips with kaihana to walk on whenua, kaput? and visits with whanaunga on their farms - these are the moments that lead us to the feathers that adorn these and our other befeathered earrings.

DIMENSIONS: 37 mm x 320 mm
MATERIALS: Printed satin ribbon, grosgrain, suede cord, stainless steel earring wires, locally harvested feathers, silver plated (base iron) clamp, stainless steel jumprings, nickel free silver plate (brass base) foldover end
COLOUR: Beige and brown
MADE: Designed and Made in NZ 

* Measurements are approximate. The items are handmade so there will be slight variance between each item. Many of the pieces use natural components so some variance can also be attributed to this.