Koakoa Design

Earrings - Whispers of Tūpuna


Musings on the whispers of tūpuna that arrive during the witching hour.
Air heavy with shared dreams.
Lying still, strained ears trying to hear voices across realms.

Mulling over the message, knowing it's one in a series of parts that will be released soon. I'll put it on my watchlist. 

Turning then to sonorous chorus of bodies held in other worlds, the snorts and grunts giving away the efforts being expended there. 

Drifting back to sleep comforted by household harmonies and the knowledge of tūpuna standing within reach. Feeling loved.

Earrings come packaged in a Folded Sleeve.

DIMENSIONS: 62 mm x 9 mmx 80 mm
MATERIALS: Stainless steel posts + Bamboo components

TO NOTE: Measurements are approximate. The items are handmade so there will be slight variance between each item. Many of the pieces use natural components so some variance can also be attributed to this.

Colour Variation - Please note while all measures are taken to ensure the colouring of our photos match the actual product, there may be slight variations due to device colour matching