Little Love Publishing

Harry the Hermit Crab


AUTHOR: Danni Rae

Harry the Hermit Crab has outgrown his shell. But, on his quest to the beach to find
a new one, he discovers an unexpected challenge!
Will Harry find his perfect new home?

This delightful picture book is the second book in a series from Wellington zookeeper Danni Rae, the first being ?Kara the Kakapo? published in 2022. Danni?s story is paired with stunning illustrations from artist Evan Heasman (also known as Soju Shots), which are a visual feast with layers of detail to keep both children and adults enthralled.

Danni wrote Harry the Hermit Crab as a way to share her passion for conservation with the youngest of readers and inspire children to make their own conservation connections. Even the youngest among us can make a difference!
This story focuses on the challenges faced by one of the most iconic of coastal creatures.

I really wanted to show the consequences of plastic pollution from the perspective of an individual so much smaller than ourselves. Because, what might seem insignificant to us, just a single bottle that fits into one hand could actually be a giant life changing problem when you are only the size of a Hermit Crab. I hope that children reading this story can glimpse the world through Harry?s eyes to gain a new perspective of a familiar place and how they have the power to protect it ? Danni Rae

DIMENSIONS: 220 mm x 220 mm
BIND: Paperback
ISBN: 9781738596904

Danni is a Wellington based zookeeper and conservationist with a passion for connecting children with animals and the environment.
She has worked in Australia, New Zealand and Madagascar and wants to use her experience to inspire conservation connections through her engaging and educational animal adventure stories. When she isn't working, Danni can be found writing, reading, hiking and traveling!

Evan Heasman (also known by the artist name Soju Shots) is an illustrator who takes great inspiration from nature and fairytales.
He uses a combination of pen, watercolour, photography and digital mediums to create his characters and the magical worlds they come from.
He works between his home in beautiful Waipu and his little studio in Whangarei.