The Kiss Co

I Got You Some Kisses

BIND Paperback

The story is beautiful. Smothering my child with kisses while I read is an added bonus.

You would go to the end of the earth for your loved one and our book does just that. This beautifully illustrated children's book is about gathering kisses everywhere you go, so you can bring them back to give to your little one. This story lets kids know that kisses never run out makes the most of one of life's most precious 'little things'.

With cute kiss characters on every page, charming text and whimsical illustrations, I Got You Some Kisses makes bedtime the best time of day.

Leave the stresses of the day behind, snuggle up tight and enjoy this magical nightly ritual. I Got You Some Kisses shows young and old that the little things in life truly are the big things and everyday tasks can be moments to remember.

DIMENSIONS: 210 mm X 200 mm
BIND: Available in both Paperback and Hardcover
PAPERBACK ISBN: 9780473525170
HARDCOVER ISBN: 9780473526436
RECOMMENDED AGES: Children aged 1-4 but loved by all ages.