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Intuition - Card Set


ORDERING NOTE: Order 40 to receive 1 carton

If you are interested in increasing the strength and connection with your intuition then the card deck is for you!

An oracle card deck to help you to get the answers you seek by learning to connect with your intuition. With stunning gold foil edges, this will be a deck to use daily.
You do not need to be a ‘card reader’ to enjoy these cards. Simply pull a card from the deck each day after asking what you need for the day. The book will expand in more details about what your intuition is and how to use it more with lots of exercises to try!

Use the cards to reveal the deeper, truer you. To connect at a deeper level with all the knowledge of the universe that is held within you. These cards are to be used to tap into that which you already know. Trust yourself wholly, as the magnificent being you are. Know you are connected with everything and are the centre of the universe, as is, every-one else.

There is 45 stunning cards with gold foil edges in the boxed set. Also included is a booklet to help with the reading of the cards.

DIMENSIONS: 99 mm x 136 mm x 30.5mm