Revolution Aotearoa

Papa Huia - Manaia


This keepsake box blends traditional M?ori aesthetics with contemporary design. The result is something that feels modern yet deeply rooted in tradition, exuding authenticity and cultural significance.

The focal element is the "Manaia", a key figure in Maori culture symbolizing a connection between the physical world and the spiritual realm and is believed to offer protection, guidance, and strength to those who possess it.

A functional piece of meaningful art thats makes for a perfect place to store your treasured items and mementos.

Proudly made in Aotearoa, NZ. 

DIMENSIONS: 68 mm x 115 mm x 267 mm
MATERIAL: Stained Ply Wood

NOTE: Approximations are made in measurements, as each item is crafted by hand, resulting in slight variances between them. Additionally, some natural components used in many pieces contribute to this variability. Regarding color, although efforts are made to align the colors in the product photos with the actual products, slight variations will likely occur.